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I want to feel less stressed Kit
I want to feel less stressed Kit
I want to feel less stressed Kit
I want to feel less stressed Kit

I want to feel less stressed Kit

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Stress and anxiety is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life. 

This beautiful kit has been specifically designed to help ease that stress, to help aid in sleep, calming, energy and happiness. 

As a parent or just as a human being, having tools and strategies to support and enhance my mood and those round me is really important, it helps (mostly) keep us all emotionally balanced and dare I say, at our best!

You cannot go past doTERRA’s oils when you want some emotional support. And this is why I wanted to write to you about the Mood Management kit, I truly believe that after buying the Home essentials kit, this should be next on everyone list.

The Mood Management kit

This kit includes the following four unique blends developed by doTERRA, and here are some of the common ways we use them.

Balance – for emotional and physical grounding

This blend is very calming and helps me to be more present, in my body and mentally. I use this as part of my daily routine in a range of ways including

  • Apply it to my wrists and neck during the day (especially when I need calming when I try to get the kids out the door in the morning)
  • I apply this to the bottom of my feet, wrists and forehead during a yoga class (at the beginning and end) to help me connect and relax into my body.
  • I add Balance to my lava bead bracelet and wear it all day.
  • We diffuse it every night with some lavender. It send a message to the kids that it’s about to be bedtime.
  • I have been known to hold down a child in the middle of a tanty and rub this on the soles of their feet to calm them down, it works!

Lavender peace (aka Serenity)

This the blend that we use in our bedtime diffusers every night along with a few extra drops of Cedarwood or Vetiver (although many people use this as bedtime diffuser blend alone). This is also a soothing calming blend which is lovely for additional uses

  • Add a few drops to your bath with some Epsom salts
  • Diffuse at bedtime and in the kids bedrooms (add juniper berry if anyone suffers from nightmares)
  • Dilute it and massage it into your family’s feet or back at the end of the day

Citrus Bliss

This is a warm vanilla and citrus blend, which is lovely, used for many things including

  • Mood support – for an uplifting energy boost diffuse this oil
  • Selling your house? Diffuse this blend during open for inspections and help people feel more at home.
  • Make up a diluted roller and wear it as a perfume on your wrists and neck (very nice and soothing when peppermint is added)


This is an uplifting blend, which is more vibrant that citrus bliss. Mostly I use this oil for

  • Diffusing in the room to change the mood, this is a great one to diffuse in the morning.
  • As a perfume, I just put a drop on my wrists. I always get wonderful comments when I wear this one.
  • I most often blend this with Balance as part of my aromatic dressing routine after the shower.

this amazing kit comes with 

1. Wholesale account to allow you to receive 25% off all dōTERRA products 

2. Lumo diffuser ( or petal diffuser) 

3. Mood management kit - Balance, Citrus Bliss, elevation, lavender peace . 

You will also recieve one on one support for your oils and be welcomed into our community for education and training.