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About us

Welcome to From Frankie with Love.

A little note from its founder

"Here at Frankie we believe in the magic of essential oils. I have watched my little daughter calm mid melt down, when smelling lavender or bergamot in the air. I have watched stuffy noses and congestion disappear within minutes of a magical blend rolled onto the chest and back. I have felt the heaviness of anxiety lift, with the smell of vetiver in my hands and the crippling pain in my spine ease when touched with Copaiba and Spikenard on my back. With each gift that these oils bring to my life, I am reminded of how much they have changed my world and how they are now such a huge part of my life.

From Frankie with love was created because this oil mumma discovered her passion for helping others through the gifts of essential oils.  I watch the way a persons eyes brighten and a smile forms on their face when they smell my sunshine blend, as litsea lifts their soul and brings happiness to their heart, I watch the relief in the eyes of an anxious soul who has just discovered the calming blend of Balance and now carries it with them everywhere. I have watched mums cry as they describe that their child has finally slept through the night for the first time because of my sleep blend and I knew that I needed to share these amazing blends with others.

So please, come explore, enjoy and discover my little pieces of magic"  

Becky - Founder and Oil Mumma


Who are we?

From Frankie With Love was born in Canberra ACT, and specialises in providing the only the highest quality dōTERRA essential oils and ongoing education to help you understand your essential oils.

It's founder Becky is a passionate essential oil health coach, with a background in psychology and community work.

Becky fell head over heels in love with essential oils in 2016 after experiencing incredible results in the areas of emotional support, immune support and pain relief. Armed with these amazing results she threw herself into all things oils, undertaking two separate courses of study and developing a group to help support others. Soon she discovered the difficulty in finding affordable and quality aromatherapy products (particularly in her home town of Canberra ACT) and embarked on her next journey of creating an online resource to help herself as well as others source such quality products. 

Where did the name Frankie come from you ask? One of Becky’s favourite oils is the incredible Frankincense, this oil is at the heart of a lot of her beautiful blends and has personally played an important role on her journey. She truely believes that essential oils are gifts from the earth and her blends in particular are made “From Franki(ncense) with love”.  

Becky is passionate about the importance of education in essential oils and also provides face-to-face consults and classes in the ACT. For those who are elsewhere Australia-wide, she has a Facebook group where she shares her blends, experiences and provides education on essential oils and all that they can offer. You can find her group at




Becky with her incredible partner Ven and little ray of sunshine Ellie